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Rush Limbaugh Notices That Trump Knocked Obama’s Farewell Speech Completely Out Of The News Cycle

Donald Trump Press Conference

Donald Trump held his first press conference as President-elect today. It was held in a packed room in Trump Tower with President-elect Trump surrounded by the media, advisers, and giant American flags.

While initially the occasion was going to focus on President-elect Trump’s plans for when he assumes the office of President, the event was hijacked by the leaking of unfounded and probably false “briefings” alleging wild and unethical conduct by Trump and his campaign team.

While that was all the talk today, what was interesting was what WASN’T discussed during the press conference.

Rush Limbaugh noticed that another major event had been completely wiped from the media by Trump.

H/T WesternJournalism:

“Barack Obama did his farewell address last night, and it’s totally gone. Every bit of the oxygen has been sucked up by Donald Trump, even though it was a fake news story. There’s not a syllable being spoken since last night about Barack Obama’s farewell speech,” he said.

Also remarkable? The media didn’t even ask Trump about it!

“But, man, not a question from the media, ‘What did you think of Mr. Obama’s farewell speech?’ Not one. There wasn’t one reference to it whatsoever,” he said.

Huge. Rush has a great point, Trump now controls the agenda and the country. Obama is now officially a has-been (really a never-was) and the country is ready to move on.

That had to hurt President Obama’s feelings to just be completely ignored by the media.

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