Donald Trump Praises America’s Working Men And Women: ‘Thank God For Truckers’

Trump Trucker

At the White House on Thursday, President Donald Trump praised truckers for keeping the America’s supply chains up and running during the COVID-19 crisis.

“To every trucker listening over the radio or behind the wheel, I know I speak for the 330 million Americans as we say, ‘Thank God for truckers,” Trump said.

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‘American truckers are really the foot soldiers that are carrying us to victory’

President Trump met with several truckers who drove to the White House and parked their trucks on the South Lawn.

“In the war against the virus, American truckers are really the foot soldiers that are carrying us to victory,” the president said.

One trucker said that the “true heroes” were the medical experts and health officials working during this crisis, and that he was honored to provide them with much-needed medical equipment.

“At a time of widespread shutdowns, truck drivers form the lifeblood of our economy,” Trump said.


President Trump gave each trucker who attended the White House gathering a golden colored key to show America’s appreciation for all they do.

“For days and sometimes weeks on end, truck drivers leave their homes and deliver supplies that American families need and count on during this national crisis and at all other times,” Trump said.

The President noted the country’ appreciation of truckers, through acts of kindness like offering them food and showing support as they continued to serve so many of their fellow countrymen.

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Vice President Mike Pence Praises Walmart Workers Who Continue to Serve the Public During This Crisis

Vice President Mike Pence had a similar message for Walmart workers earlier this month.

“On behalf of a grateful Nation, thank you to all of the members of @Walmart Distribution Center Team 7016. We know you’re on the frontlines & the way every one of you is rolling your sleeves up & doing the work shows a lot about the way you love your neighbors & your Country,” the Vice President tweeted.


“I had to come out and see a truck driver,” Pence said while visiting a Walmart distribution center in Gordonsville, Virginia.

“You guys are burning up miles every day making sure the American people have food, supplies,” Pence added.

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