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Latest Poll: Donald Trump Has His Largest Lead Over “Sick Hillary” Yet!

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As more questions are raised about Hillary Clinton’s declining health, Donald Trump is breaking records! Now, he holds his largest lead ever against “sick Hillary.” The latest Rasmussen poll shows that, as more voters are paying attention to the race, millions of voters find Hillary Clinton’s criminal behavior to be unacceptable.

This is shaking the political establishment to the core!

With the first presidential debate coming on Monday, Donald Trump has moved to a five-point lead over Hillary Clinton, his biggest advantage since mid-July.

The latest Rasmussen Reports weekly White House Watch telephone and online survey finds Trump with 44% support among Likely U.S. Voters to Clinton’s 39%. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson earns eight percent (8%) of the vote, while Green Party nominee Jill Stein holds steady at two percent (2%). Three percent (3%) like some other candidate, and five percent (5%) are still undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Last week, the Republican nominee edged ahead of his Democratic rival 42% to 40% after trailing her by four points the week before. Trump’s total this week ties his highest ever level of support from two months ago.

Democrats and Team Hillary were recently ready to move into the White House, and are now seeing their well-financed campaign combust into flames.

In a recent conference call, Hillary Clinton wondered why isn’t she “50 points ahead?” This is a meltdown:

Hillary Clinton wondered aloud Wednesday why she wasn’t trouncing her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, in the polls.

After running through some of the core tenets of her campaign in a video conference call with supporters in Las Vegas, the former secretary of state said: “Having said all this, ‘Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?’ you might ask?”

“Well, the choice for working families has never been clearer,” the Democratic presidential nominee added. “I need your help to get Donald Trump’s record out to everybody. Nobody should be fooled.”

Here is the outrageous clip:

Hillary clearly thinks she is entitled to the Presidency. As a leading establishment politician, she can’t understand why so many Americans – including Democrats – are excited to vote for such an untraditional, unfiltered candidate like Donald Trump. Hillary represents the status quo and political corruption, while Donald Trump cannot be bought!

As time continues and we learn more about Hillary Clinton’s health, these numbers will only improve for Trump. With high negatives, Hillary Clinton simply can’t compete.

What do you think think of Trump’s incredible lead over Hillary Clinton? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.