On Tuesday, President Donald Trump at the White House met with a number of  recovered coronavirus patients, including Michigan State Representative Karen Whitsett, who said the President’s recommendation of the drug hydroxychloroquine helped her.

‘I honestly felt like I was going to die’

“I was afraid for my life,” Whitsett said. “I honestly felt like I was going to die.”

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She said she truly feared for her life because she had chronic Lyme disease and that the hospitals around her were full. After she took hydroxychloroquine she said she felt better.

Trump asked Whitsett to visit his personal White House physician to discuss curing her Lyme disease.

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Whitsett Isn’t Recommending To Others, But Believes Her Story Should Be Known

Whitsett wanted to share her story, but wasn’t necessarily urging others to follow her example.

“I’m telling my story and my truth,” she said.

President said on Twitter last week that Whitsett’s case should give others hope.

Former NFL tight end Mark Campbell also spoke about his experience with coronavirus.

The former football player said the only thing he could recall behavior-wise that might have been out of the ordinary and gave him the virus was touching a gas pump handle.

Campbell said he spent 30 days in quarantine after contracting COVID-19.

“That’s lonely,” he said.

Pharmaceutical salesman David Mangan said that he and his wife Rachel had a low fever combined with some aches and chills when they returned from a Colorado ski trip. They said it wasn’t that bad until the respiratory stage of the disease emerged, adding that it took a month to return to normal health.


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Trump Lightens the Mood and Gives Patients Hope

When Rachel Mangan said she felt about 85 percent back to normal, Trump joked to her “Stay away from me, please.”

Trump thanked everyone for sharing their stories and promised that progress was being made.

“I think we’re going to beat those 100,000 deaths; can you believe it?” Trump said to his guests. “We made the right moves, now it’s time to get our country reopened again.”

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