Donald Trump Just SLAMMED The Door Shut On THIS!

Donald Trump

GOP Presidential candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump pushed back Tuesday on media reports and critics’ claims that he is looking for an exit to the Republican presidential race, telling CNN that “I’m not going anywhere” and stressing that he continues to lead GOP polls.

The media feels since they can’t force him out, and with no GOP candidate threatening to eclipse him, they wanted to ask the guy leading the pack by at least 10 in some polls when will he drop out.

“I’m not getting out — I’m going to win, OK?” Trump told CNN’s New Day. “The answer is: I’m going all the way and I’m going to win.”

Trump, who is running his first political race, raised some eyebrows this weekend by outlining scenarios in which he might drop his presidential bid based on questions from the mainstream media, but he soon reminded them of the following:

“Number one, I’m not a masochist,” Trump told NBC’s Meet The Press. “And if I was dropping in the polls where I saw that I wasn’t gonna win, why would I continue?”

How many times have we heard, “Trump’s poll numbers can’t go any higher,” or “Trump has a ceiling of support and he has hit it?” Let’s not forget these morons in the media are the same ones that thought Dole, McCain, and Romney could win. And now they really want El Senor De Amor Jebbitto (Jeb Bush.) Trump also cited his position in the polls, telling NBC that “I’m leading everything, right?”   Donald Trump

During his CNN interview Tuesday, Trump described the media coverage of those remarks as ridiculous. Trump’s critics have also picked up on the theme that the businessman will wind up leaving the race before the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary in February.


Even though he’s “in this for the long haul,” Trump has no problem going back to his business ventures if his campaign is faltering. “That doesn’t mean someday I don’t wake up, and I say, ‘Wow, I’m tanking.’ Well, if I tank, sure, I go back to the business. Why wouldn’t I?” he told CNBC.

National polls show Trump leading his GOP rivals, with former neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson in second place.

Should Trump drop out of the presidential race? I think he’s just getting started! Share you comments with me below and don’t forget to share this on your social media timeline for discussion.

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