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Donald Trump Just Received The WORST NEWS POSSIBLE – This Spells ‘Doom’!


Conservative businessman Donald J. Trump has had a historic presidential primary. Leading every poll for months, the math appears to confirm Trump will win the Republican nomination for President. It’s been amazing to watch.

But it’s been a difficult week for Trump’s campaign, after his campaign manager turned himself into police for a battery charge, and he made unfortunate comments about abortion.

It’s clear these negative stories are finally having an impact on voters. Political science professor Larry Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” blog analyzes Trump’s possible matchup against Hillary Clinton, and the result is a landslide loss for the GOP across America. This is horrible:

Longtime political analyst Larry Sabato is predicting an electoral college blowout for Hillary Clinton in a November general election matchup with current GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

In the University of Virginia political science professor’s “Crystal Ball” prediction, the Democratic presidential front-runner beats Trump 347-191.

“Here at the Crystal Ball, we are going to cling to one central fact about presidential elections

The only thing that matters is accumulating a majority of 270 votes in the Electoral College,” Sabato writes.

Via Newsmax

Here is what his review of polling data and trends look like, in terms of a November general election:


To make matters worse, in 33 seperate general election polls during the past two months, Trump only beats Hillary in one of them. These numbers are overwhelming:


That means Trump is already trailing Hillary by 11.2% according to RealClearPolitics, with even worse numbers in a possible matchup with socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). These numbers and trend-lines are horrible, and will have an impact on Congressional races in every state.

In most campaigns, the candidate can run ads and host campaign events trying to persuade undecided voters. But with Trump known by so many Americans, it’s unclear how he can make up this gap in just a few months.

Trump is counting on these polls not reflecting the many Democrats who are changing parties to support Trump. But if that’s true, there’s no reason yet to believe it’s enough to defeat Hillary Clinton.

What do you think about Trump’s general election poll numbers? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.