As the Republican candidates prepare for tonight’s GOP debate on Fox Business… conservative GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump just received news so extraordinary that he didn’t even expect it!

According to a bombshell report by the Washington Post, not only is Trumps lead among Republicans at historic levels, but his national lead is TWO TIMES BIGGER THAN HILLARY CLINTON’S!

This announcement of polling data destroys the arguments made by the political establishment that Trump isn’t electable in a general election. There is no candidate in either party that has this sort of massive appeal among likely voters:

National polling doesn’t mean a lot in a contest that is composed of a series of staggered state-by-state battles. It does, however, give a broad sense of the mood of the country. And that mood, as of this week?

Donald Trump’s a bigger frontrunner than Hillary Clinton. By a lot.


Even the liberals at the Washington Post are forced to begrudgingly admit how much larger Trump’s lead is compared to Hillary Clinton’s. While the FBI continues and expands its criminal probe into Hillary’s illegal activity as Secretary of State, Donald Trump is presenting his bold message for America’s future.

It’s clear that – at this moment – nothing is slowing down the 2016 Trump Train… and it’s racing toward victory and the White House!

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.18.25 AM

This changes everything, and will certainly be in the minds of every GOP candidate as they go on the attack during tonight’s two debates.

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