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Donald Trump Just Received Terrible News – This Changes EVERYTHING!

Donald Trump

The South Carolina GOP primary is coming up, and the battle between conservative businessman Donald J. Trump and conservative Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has begun. It will be a serious fight.

Trump is a favorite among the conservative base. After all, he’s tough and willing to ignore the rules of political correctness. It’s awesome!

However, he just received terrible news. According to the Real Clear Politics average of recent polls, Trump is 5% lower against Hillary Clinton than Ted Cruz is.

That means Trump would likely do poorly against Hillary Clinton, even with her looming FBI criminal investigation.

WHOA… this is horrible:

Polling has consistently shown Cruz to have an advantage over Trump in this regard: Fox News found that Cruz would fare 4 points better than Trump, beating Clinton by 7 points (50 to 43 percent) to Trump’s 3 (47 to 44 percent). NBC News and the Wall Street Journal found that Cruz would fare 6 points better than Trump, losing to Clinton by 4 points (49 to 45 percent) to Trump’s 10 (51 to 41 percent). And Quinnipiac found that Cruz would fare 5 points better than Trump, tying Clinton (at 45 percent apiece) while Trump would lose by 5 points (46 to 41 percent).

In all, RCP’s average finds that Cruz would beat Clinton by 1 point (47 to 46 percent), while Trump would lose by 4 points (47 to 43 percent).

If Donald Trump is going to win this, he’s going to have to convince voters who currently reject him to change their mind. It’s one thing to win a nomination fight, but it’s much harder to defeat the powerful Clinton political machine.

Although, if the FBI does their job and files criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for leaking classified information, these polls don’t matter.

What do you think about this major poll news, right before South Carolina’s primary? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.