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Donald Trump Just Received Incredible News – BOMBSHELL!

donald trump poll

Conservative businessman Donald J. Trump has been leading the Republican presidential primary by a historic margin for months. When Trump says he’s a “winner”… he now has the numbers and delegates to prove it!

Many in the political establishment focus on people who don’t like Trump’s brash, no-nonsense messaging. But Trump just received such good news that he wasn’t expecting it!

A new poll shows that roughly half (48%) of all registered Republican voters support Trump for President. This is according to the new NBC News/Survey tracking poll, which puts Trump at 21% above Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Ohio Governor John Kasich is at a distant 18%.

More than half of those polled, 58 percent, said they are “absolutely certain” they will vote for the candidate they selected in their state’s primary or caucus in the general election. Another 57 percent believe that Trump should win the nomination should he win a plurality of delegates, even if he fails to capture the majority needed to officially be the GOP nominee.

Via The Washington Examiner

Among all voters, 45% would be satisfied with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the candidates for president in the general election. However, 32% said they would at least consider third-party. However, the poll can’t accurately reflect the millions of Democrats who would switch parties to vote for Trump, as the survey focused on registered Republicans only.

This poll shows Trump is clearly the winning candidate leading up to the RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Any other outcome of the presidential primary would – at this point – be the establishment stealing the election from Trump.

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