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Donald Trump Just Received An INCREDIBLE Endorsement – Just Before Tuesday’s Primaries!


Just before the critical Republican presidential primary in the Buckeye State, conservative businessman Donald Trump received an incredible endorsement!

Pete Rose, better known as “Charlie Hustle” to Cincinnati Reds fans, is arguably the best baseball player to ever live. That’s why it’s a tragedy he isn’t allowed in the Hall of Fame.

Rose’s abilities are legendary, and now he’s going to bat to endorse Trump just before Republicans vote…

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted a picture of a ball Rose sent to him, asking the GOP front-runner to “please make America great again.” This is incredible!

As political insiders are noting, Rose’s endorsement can make the difference needed in Ohio’s “winner take all” primary:

Rose has been vilified in many circles for his persistent equivocating on the gambling issue, but he still garners widespread support in Ohio, where he spent his most celebrated years as a player for the Cincinnati Reds, which won two World Series titles during his tenure with the team. Rose is the MLB’s all-time leader in hits and he earned the endearing nickname “Charlie Hustle” for being one of the scrappiest baseball stars, if not the most physically gifted. He also has cultivated a regular guy, blue-collar persona, which has made him both a folk hero and cause célèbre in certain circles.

Much of which likely contributes to why Trump has aligned himself with the hometown hero in the hopes of prying a victory out of the hands of popular Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who narrowly leads him in most polls ahead of Tuesday’s winner-take-all GOP primary.

At a campaign rally in Ohio on Sunday, Trump told attendees: “ ‘Charlie Hustle, right? So I watched him and he was a great player. And it’s so ridiculous. Don’t you think he’s paid the price? First of all, he didn’t bet … he bet that he would win, not on the other team or anything. Right? But look, he’s not supposed to do it, it’s a terrible thing, all that stuff. How long has he been waiting like 30 years, 35 years?” Later, Trump added: “We gotta let Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame.”


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