MSNBC had a rough night, after far-left host Rachel Maddow promised to release portions of President Donald J. Trump’s 2005 tax returns.

Anti-Trump critics wanted to see more than the two pages Maddow ended up obtaining, and Twitter users expressed skepticism about the unlawful way these returns were likely acquired.

As soon as the show ended, something happened that you might have not expected: Donald Trump Jr. praised the show and thanked Maddow for releasing the information.

As he explained (below) the information didn’t help Democrats, and he thought the underwhelming report was amusing.

Then, he explained how reactions to Maddow’s report was “simply awesome.” Ha Ha!

Maddow’s report was received anonymously by mail, according to reporter David Cay Johnston. While Trump paid approximately 25% of his income in taxes, former President Barack Obama paid only 19% that year.

This was desperate trolling by MSNBC for ratings. There is no scandal about Trump’s finances, and all we learned is that he’s a successful businessman who pays far more in taxes than a vast majority of Americans.

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