Donald Trump Jr. Hunting Riddle

donald trump jr hunting

It’s a well-known fact that Donald Trump Jr., son of President Trump, loves to hunt and fish.

Don Jr. is always filling up his social media account with pictures from his outdoor adventures. On many of these trips, he’ll bring along his children.

Even as a New Yorker, Don Jr. has an incredible love of nature and all its splendor. That’s why we included him in this classic riddle. Can you solve it? Here’s the question:

While hunting, Donald Trump Jr. walks a mile due south, turns and walks a mile due east, turns again and walks a mile due north, only to find himself back where he started.

Don Jr. then spots a bear and shoots it dead. What color is the bear? Why?

Do you know the answer? Where on earth is it possible to walk south, then east, then north, and end up in the exact same place again? You can find the answer below:

Still don’t know the answer? Here is a helpful explainer:

“He starts at at the NORTH POLE.”

“This means he walks south for a mile, but when he heads east for a mile he’s just walking round in part of a circle, and stays one mile from the North pole. Therefore he only has to walk a mile north to get back!”

You can visualize it here:

As for the color of the bear, the answer is “white,” the color of a polar bear!

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