Donald Trump Is Doing THIS With His Helicopter! FANTASTIC!

It wasn’t long ago that we reported Donald Trump was BANNED from giving children free rides at the Iowa State fair. But no liberal busy-body bureaucrat can stop THE DONALD, and he secured a location nearby for these rides to happen, possibly with Trump himself!

This is a brilliant move by Donald Trump to talk to voters in the critical primary state of Iowa:

The helicopter will take off from a parking lot outside the fair in Des Moines, campaign state chairman Chuck Laudner told CNN on Friday, adding that Trump may hop on a few rides as well.

CNN previously reported that the Sikorsky is one of three that he owns, seats 12 people comfortably, including the pilot.

Trump will arrive in the $7 million helicopter before holding a press event. Despite Trump’s previous public announcement, his campaign expressed safety concerns about the event becoming so well attended that landing the aircraft could be a challenge.

The helicopter has already arrived in the area. It took three refueling stops to get it here and flew at an altitude of 2400 feet across the county, according to a source familiar with the travel plans.

Trump means business, and he is taking this Presidential campaign seriously! His state campaign chairman Chuck Laudner is a serious operative with an impressive history of major victories, so clearly Trump has built a winning team.

Here are some photos of the $7 million helicopter:


Would you like to fly with Donald Trump in a helicopter? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think!


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