Last week, President Donald J. Trump met with top CEOs of American manufacturing companies.

Trump had the room laughing after he cracked a joke that Lockheed Martin’s Marillyn Hewson clearly wanted Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election.

As Trump opined at the opening of the meeting, “Lockheed Martin has just announced 1,800 new jobs and U.S. plants are doing a great job and we started negotiating with them a little bit on the F-35. They cut their price a little bit. Thank you very much. She’s [Hewson is] tough, but it worked out well, I think, for everybody.”

Then, Trump reminded these business executives who won the election:

“I have to say this, Marillyn, you’re getting a lot of credit because you’re doing the right thing. We appreciate it. She cut her price over $700 million, by over $700 million.

“Do you think Hillary would have asked for $700 million? Oh, boy. I assume you wanted her to win, but you know what, you’re going to do great and make more planes. it’s going to work out the same or better.”

You have to see this! This is hilarious:

LOL! Classic!

While the room was laughing, the messages was serious: Trump is determined to save money for American taxpayers who have been getting ripped off on government contracts for too long.

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