Obama’s 60 Minutes Interview PROVES How GREAT Trump Is!

60 Minutes

During President Barack Obama’s 60 Minutes interview on Sunday night, he was asked about the chances of the frontrunner, successful businessman Donald Trump, becoming the Republican Party’s nominee. Obama said without hesitating:

“I don’t think he’ll end up being President of the United States,” Obama told Steve Kroft, after calling the real estate developer and reality star “a great publicity seeker.”

No class!

Just last week, during a speech to Latino political leaders, Obama condemned Trump for “saying clearly inflammatory things and then saying, ‘Well that’s not what I meant’ — until you do it again and again.”

“Leadership is not fanning the flames of intolerance, and then acting all surprised when a fire breaks out,” he added.

According to CNN, Trump called Obama’s 60 Minutes interview “terrible,” “sad,” and “all negative.”

Obama is trying to divide the voters before the primary with these comments. Does Obama not understand he has set the world on fire? The man should be arrested for overriding our constitution with many of his executive orders.

The American people are fed up with politicians. Both Democrats and Republicans. Trump’s ratings have held steady and continue to rise despite the political class attacking him. Let’s be for real. This guy has got more “gumption” than any other candidate.


If Obama doesn’t like Trump, you know he must be good for America!

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