Conservative Donald Trump – who is running for President – knows how to handle biased reporters.

Watch (below) as NBC’s Katy Tur tries to control an interview and embarrass Trump about gun issues. Trump fires back in a big way!

Here is the transcript:

KATY TUR, NBC NEWS: You’re for the Second Amendment. Do you have a gun?

DONALD TRUMP: I have a license to have a gun. Yes I do.

NBC: Do you use it? Gun ranges?

DONALD TRUMP: It is none of your business, it is really none of your business. I have a license to have a gun.

NBC: Gun control.

DONALD TRUMP: What are you talking about? Yes I have a gun and yes I have a permit for it.

NBC: Stronger background checks. What about that? Is there any steps that you would take to make it harder to get a gun in this country.

DONALD TRUMP: The problem is once you get into that you start getting into a situation, the slippery slope, where all of a sudden you are going to violate the Second Amendment. I don’t want to violate the Second Amendment. To me the Second Amendment is very important.

Darn right it’s none of her business! Criminals should be worried that everyone MIGHT have a gun… That’s why, the more guns there are in society, the less crime that happens. It’s harder to commit crimes and hurt people if someone is going to immediately shoot criminals.

Trump has learned from the business world how to be a scrappy street fighter. He is showing how conservatives should handle the press. We must ALWAYS be on offensive and attack, attack, attack.

Thank you Trump, for standing up for our 2nd Amendment rights!

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