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Donald Trump Interview at Ground Zero of September 11th Terror Attack, Accurately Predicted Cost of Rebuilding

Sixteen years ago, on September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists attacked New York City, flying two planes into the World Trade Center, in addition to flying a plane into the Pentagon and crashing a plane in a farm field in Pennsylvania.

The Muslim terrorists responsible for the attack killed nearly 3,000 Americans.

In the immediate aftermath, Donald Trump – long before his presidential campaign – was interviewed by a German television network to share his expertise on New York City skyscrapers.

Just two days after the deadly attack, Trump told the reporter:

“People were willing to die. And when they’re willing to die and they’re willing to become kamikazes in a sense there’s very little you can do about it. The heat and the power. Actually, it’s amazing that the initial jolt didn’t jar the building as people would have thought.”

Trump, who was clearly shaken by the attack, was doing his part to lift the spirits of New Yorkers following the traumatizing event. Then, the interviewer asked Trump just how much it would cost the city to rebuild after the devastating attacks:

Reporter: What kind of cost would you estimate to rebuild this area? How much money has been lost in the attack?

Trump: I would say fifteen to twenty billion dollars.

Stunningly, Trump’s prediction was absolutely correct. As the Port Authority for New York and New Jersey reported, the most recent numbers confirm Trump’s cost prediction:

As can be seen in the Report, the World Trade Center redevelopment costs grew from an estimate of approximately $11 billion in 2008 to a current estimate of approximately $14.8 billion, with the estimated net cost to the Port Authority after third-party reimbursements growing from approximately $6 billion to approximately $7.7 billion.

Watch the full interview here:

Time and time again, Trump has shown himself to be a man of compassion and good character. And, while the media continues to avoid covering the deadly threat Islamic terrorists pose, there is no doubt President Trump will ever forget that horrific day. He will continue to do his best to protect America from another deadly terrorist attack. This is what a real leader looks like.

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