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Dolphins Gives High-Five While Out Running Speed Boat

I have watched many documentaries about how smart dolphins are and in the video below, you’ll see something for the first time.

This event happened off the coast of Florida and it was one of the neatest things you’ll ever see. A man who was fishing from a boat in the ocean happened to reach over the side of the vessel and in return for his efforts, got a high-five from a speeding dolphin.

I guess the dolphins are friendly 45 miles off the coast of Clearwater for this to happen. While the boat bobbled along the water’s surface, a pod of dolphins appeared looking to have some fun.

If you watch the video closely you can see the man reach into the water, and one of the dolphins hits him with a high-five. AMAZING!

How many of you have ever seen anything like this before? I am sure this was the boater’s first time.

Source: YouTube

Myself and six friends were offshore fishing 45 miles out of Clearwater Florida for gag grouper. Ran into this pod of dolphins who were enjoying their time around the boat. Went to get a closer video off the bow of the boat. I reached my hand down the dolphin acknowledged me by giving me a high five!

I am stunned at the friendliness of the dolphin to trust a human’s touch. I live in an area that if a deer senses you even moving just a little bit, they are gone like the wind. It’s the same thing with squirrels, rabbits, and other beasts but dolphins don’t run.

To think of it, neither do sharks. Now that’s something I wouldn’t try to make friends with but dolphins are once again cool in my book. I will probably never get to do this so I have to keep this video in my memory.

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