Does Anyone Remember Other First Ladies Getting Media Book Push Like Michelle Obama?

I have never seen the media push a memoir of a First Lady like they have with Michelle Obama.

Not one of the previous First Ladies got this much free attention over ONE book. Not even Jackie Kennedy, who was loved, revered, admired, and worshipped did not get this much love from the media.


She’s the boss. She’s always been the boss in her marriage. She was never a shrinking violet, you can best believe that. Barack just nods his head and takes orders. As far as giving up her career, there are plenty of women who are both mother and working career professionals, so what she’s pushing isn’t at the top of the chain.

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One would think Michelle wrote the sequel to the Bible with the sales she has had since it came out two years ago and there have now been numerous reprints of this book in different forms, hardcover, paperback, autographed, box set. Why? I skimmed it and there is nothing particularly informative or special about this book. It’s a book.

As an independent conservative voter, I remember then-candidate Barack Obama’s campaign motto, in 2008, as “it’s time for change” and the first thing he tells congress is “we have to tighten our belts.”


When they got in the White House, Michelle promptly started taking unnecessarily extravagant vacations, with her mother in tow, to the tune of over 150+ million dollars in taxpayer money. I never heard the phrase “it’s time for change” or “we have to tighten our belts” come out of Barack Obama’s mouth ever again.

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Obama’s presidency was as damaging as a tsunami and it almost destroyed the country. Fortunately, he didn’t get the chance to finish us off. Hillary Clinton couldn’t get it done for him and now he’s looking to Biden to continue his agenda of open borders, higher medical costs, higher taxes, more division, etc.

Let’s stop the tide from coming in again.

Obama did nothing but divide our country and as a result President Trump was elected. That’s what Democrats do best, divide rather than unite. Obama and his minions spied on Trump and I hope the Durham report uncovers every single illegal act Obama allowed to happen.


Frontline workers are struggling and risking their lives to save people. The police that the Obamas trashed are risking their lives during this pandemic; then we have to listen to Obama’s struggle with infertility in her book. BOOHOO.

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Celebrities are saying ‘look at me’ during this pandemic when we should be looking at the frontline workers.




Wayne Dupree

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  • Remember, she was forced to live in a house built by slaves. She hated it there. Now that she is free, she wants to make up for lost time. Write a book, lie through your teeth. Make up terrible stories. Then give it to winfre or soros, and it's done deal.

  • She said the birth of her two daughters set her future aside. How can a transgender give birth?

  • What do you mean, the take down of President Trump? Obama took down nothing but the dirty laundry. Anyway, the only people who are going to read her book are the ones who want to see if she admits to having a sex change. As for Comey, he's got his own troubles to worry about. ubumma is on his own. ubumma SHOULD be tried for treason, but he won't. Just kick him out of the country, and take that "wife" and "his" kids with him.

  • The publisher has to get the book out fast - with Michelle's husband now implicated in the take down of President Trump - it jeopardizes the sales. Remember - former FBI Comey's boy-scout book which described him as the honest, virtuous, clean, magnificent leader??? I wonder where all the unsold copies of that are now that he is a prime candidate for Treason.

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