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Do You Support Reparations For Slavery?

Alec Schemmel on June 20, 2019

Though formerly a fringe position, the popularity of slavery reparations as a campaign issue has exploded this campaign cycle.

Several Democratic presidential candidates have endorsed the idea of using taxpayer money in an effort to rectify the injustices of American slavery.

Join TheDCNF’s Matt Miller as he heads to the 2019 Poor People’s Campaign forum in Washington, D.C., to ask people how they feel about reparations, and how much they would be willing to pay.

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  • Earl, you're absolutely right! I wasn't thinking back far enough. As for Cuba, I agree with you there too. Although, if the Democrats in our country have their way, we'll be Communist/Socialist right here in America. That would be a disaster of a turn of events. What a mess! And, thanks for the reminder, Earl.

  • How about an anti reparations vote. If they are interested in going after modern day slave traders, they need to look at our borders. Look at the CIA, look at their donors. Nexium are slave traders. Their leader was just prosecuted. The feds should confiscate all of their assets and pay into our debt. Give their slave reparations. Go after the slave traders in other countries. Democrats are playing politics. Once again, they have no substance concerning the issues they are getting the left worked up over.

  • Yes, hell yes!
    40 acres, a mule, and a plane ticket.
    In Liberia Africa where you can't be a citizen if you are white.
    That should suit them fine! No white police officers shooting inocent poor black young men.
    Heaven on earth!

  • The Indians did that themselves, they refused help from the white man, they are a very proud people.

  • Oh and I forgot. The ability to hunt and fish with the evil white mans' tools instead of their cultural sacred sticks and stones!

  • I hear you on taxation.
    There is a national tax day that tells how long it takes to pay off the taxes imposed on the citizens. Last I checked it was somewhere in the middle of May.
    5 months of slavery till you are set free every year, year after year and getting worse every year.

  • If anyone should receive anything it should be native Americans and I'm not one. I'm glad some have gotten the last laugh by oil. By the way, I've never owned a slave, do not ever intend to own one. I say dig up the ones who owned slaves and get the money from them. Let them pay if they can. From what I can understand, their own race sold first for money from the Spaniards, by others., and most of Europe. We did not go get them, they were brought here by others.By the way, I have never agreed with this or any other form of human trafficking and never will.

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