Americans need to be prepared for the possibility of BLM and Antifa voter intimidation at polling sites, similar to what occurred in Philadelphia in 2008 by members of the New Black Panthers.

The radicals achieved their objective. Barack Obama dropped the case of voter intimidation. In 2012, 59(!) Philadelphia precincts reported zero votes for Mitt Romney.

Furthermore, I would not rule out people rifling through mailboxes in areas presumed to be pro-Trump. Take your mail-in ballot to the nearest post office for the best chance that it will be counted.

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If anyone in Republican leadership is reading this, you need to know this. There is an army of millions of volunteers waiting to counteract any shenanigans. We need to know where to go and what we need to do. Do we need to protest? Do we need to make certain polls are not blocked? Do we need to help verify and count votes? What?

Vote For A Straight Republican Ticket This Year

If for just this election, vote a straight Republican ticket. Get your friends to vote straight Republican, which will stop the Democrats in their tracks. If you have liberal friends or labor union friends, convince them to vote straight Republican ticket, if only for just this election.

The Democrat Party is overrun with Marxists, and the only way to convince the liberals and moderates to run the extremist out of their party is to make all Democrats unemployed after election day.

If we fail at doing this, all major cities and their suburbs will look like Damascus on a bad day. I am not exaggerating.

We have to overwhelm Democrat ballot box stuffing or we will have a civil war that will destroy the country. This is our only chance to avoid civil war and it is a pretty slim chance at that.

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I know I keep writing about this, because I don’t think many of you see what I see. I am very cautious, while many others think Pres. Trump has this thing in the bag. I felt like this once, but reality comes in when I see the agitators and rioters walking into the suburbs in massive numbers.

That is definitely a form of voter intimidation.

I don’t think that the typical Republican – someone who believes in the founding values of personal freedom and opportunity, and who just wants to go about their pursuit of happiness – realizes the degree to which the pursuit of POWER is all that matters to Democrats.

I have no doubt that they will stop at nothing – particularly now that they can see they are going to lose.

It’s OUR Response That Will Decide This Election

It’s sad to watch long years of planning coming to fruition. That’s the best way to say it. Communists (also known today as socialists and Democrats) have been actively planning these maneuvers for decades, but there was never the catalyst to implement them.

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However, now with the savage level of Trump Derangement Syndrome fomented by the Democrat media, the built-up emotions from the forced lock-downs, and a very willing Democratic Party, all of the moons lined up for this to be the moment they were waiting for.

Look at the range of formal communist and socialist organizations actively backing the Democrats. Don’t believe me; believe your eyes.

It’s our response to the madness now that’s going to decide the results. Do we quietly, passively roll over and let it happen? Or do we stand against it; first rallying against what they’re doing across the nation, and then later this year at the polling booths?

Go to the polls, and stand up against voter intimidation.