A photograph of a baby nestled in the American flag held by a military dad is blowing up on social media.

The photographer, Vanessa Hicks – a military veteran herself – said she had no idea that her photograph would be seen as controversial.

She posted the image to her Facebook page as she usually does after photo shoots.

“In no way, shape or form was I trying to do anything but take a picture for a family,” Hicks told on Thursday, adding that she’s taken photos that have respectfully displayed the American flag before. “I was doing my job. I didn’t put it out there for the media or anyone to judge it.”

She said her intent when taking the photo was to honor the flag as well as her clients. Since posting it, Hicks’ Facebook page has been inundated with both criticism and applause.

What do you think – patriotic or disrespectful? Share your thoughts below.

H/T: Fox News