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DISGRACEFUL! Here is Why Michelle Obama CAN’T STAND Movies about Soldiers and War


American Sniper has continued to blast its way through box office records, and is quickly approaching the $250 million mark for ticket sales after the Super Bowl weekend.

But liberals like Michael Moore and Seth Rogen have been the most vocal of the Hollywood left, who criticize America’s most deadly sniper Chris Kyle (with 160 confirmed kills!) because they consider it to be propaganda. Never mind how it shows the true struggles of the military and how it’s extraordinarily difficult for many soldiers to return to civilian life.

Michelle Obama, our disgraceful First Lady who has been unhappy with America ever since she wrote a race-baiting college thesis, has given her 2 cents on ‘American Sniper’ and other movies portraying the life of soldiers. And you won’t like what she has to say!

During an event for veterans this week, Michelle Obama finally offered her opinion on the film and movies about soldiers in general.

“People generally see veterans in one of two ways — either the broken, downtrodden vet who is homeless or on drugs or has such severe PTSD that he can’t even function, or the saintly hero who lives with such courage and moral clarity that the only thing the rest of us can do is shower him with awe and amazement,” the first lady said, according to The Blaze.

Of course, everything must be seen through race… and gender:

“And of course, it’s always a he,” she noted. “We sort of forget about the 1.5 million women veterans who have served in uniform.

“But these two images — one broken, one perfect — they’re just caricatures.”

via Opposing Views

As Michelle doesn’t seem to realize, there are plenty of high quality war movies with female leads. G.I. Jane with Demi More, Camp X-Ray with Kristen Stewart, Courage Under Fire with Meg Ryan, and Zero Dark Thirty are just a few modern examples. These actresses portray strong characters who are willing to confront evil throughout the world. Women have always played an important role in the military, and movies have often portrayed them.

It’s interesting how Michelle has obviously been told to praise Chris Kyle, and can’t help but stick her foot in her mouth. So sad.

Don’t you wish we had a classy First Lady in the White House? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.