Did You Catch That? Bloomberg PRAISED Trump During Democratic Debate

Trump Bloomberg

During the Democratic presidential debate on CBS Tuesday night, candidate Michael Bloomberg praised President Donald Trump, saying that the current president had done a great job of strengthening the U.S. military.

Bloomberg Praises Trump’s Foreign Policy

Bloomberg was asked by CBS News “Mayor Bloomberg, voters have not heard much about your foreign policy views, would you pull all combat troops out of the Middle East?”
“No, you want to cut it back as much as you can,” Bloomberg replied. “But, I think if we learned something from 9/11, people plan things overseas and execute them here, we have to be able to stop terrorism, and there’s no guarantees that you’re going to be able to do it.”
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“But we have to have some troops in places where terrorists congregate and to not do so is just irresponsible,” Bloomberg continued. “We shouldn’t be fighting wars that we can’t win, we should go to war only as a last resort, nobody argues with that, but this is a dangerous world and if we haven’t learned that after 9/11 I don’t know what’s going to teach us what to do.”

‘They’re doing a good job’

“We have to do something, and I think that the things that I’ve seen recently convinced me that the military today is better prepared than they’ve been in an awful long time,” Bloomberg said. “And that the moneys they are spending on the war of weapons we need for the next war and not the last, a common mistake that they are not making now.”

“They’re doing a good job” he concluded.
Wow. Nor is this the first time Bloomberg has praised Trump in recent times.

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Team Trump Could Use This if Bloomberg Becomes the Nominee

So basically Bloomberg agrees with how President Trump is conducting America’s foreign policy? So why is he running to replace him as commander-in-chief?
Obviously there are other issues besides foreign policy, but it is a primary responsibility for any president.

If Michael Bloomberg were to become the Democratic nominee, Team Trump should play these comments repeatedly in ads.

What better endorsement than the guy trying to take your job praising your current policies?