The jig is up!

We knew from the beginning that something didn’t quite smell right about the whole Brett Kavanaugh accuser story. Over the weekend, a woman came forward alleging that Kavanaugh groped and sexually assaulted her while both were in high school. The story, which has not been substantiated by anything or anyone other than contradicting therapist notes, has taken Washington by storm and thrown the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation into extreme uncertainty. (RELATED: There’s a Discrepancy in Kavanaugh Accuser’s Account of Sexual Assault.)

Here’s the nagging part about the whole story: The accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, says she came forward with the allegations back in July through a letter to California Senator Dianne Feinstein. Feinstein sat on the letter until now. The timing couldn’t be more coincidental: Kavanaugh was due to be voted on by the Senate Judiciary Committee this week.

So why did Feinstein wait until just this moment to drop the letter?

Well, a more cynical observer might think it was deliberate. Feinstein knew that if the allegations were revealed earlier, they could be cleared up in time before a confirmation vote, assuming they are unsubstantiated.

If the allegations were as dire as Feinstein alleged, then there was no reason to sit on them until now. In fact, the sooner a sexual predator is outed, the better, if only for public safety. Feinstein’s delay is the first indicator that not everything is as it seems.

Now, we just got further evidence that the entire accuser story may actually be a political ploy after all. When asked if she’ll testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ford affirmed she would. (RELATED: Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Ford Agrees to Republican Wishes – Will Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee.)

What better way to find out the truth of the matter and bring a modicum of justice to Ford, right? Wrong, according to Democrat senator Dick Durbin. Sen. Durbin told a reporter the following:

“Too soon”? How the hell is getting to the bottom of whether or not a Supreme Court justice nominee is a sexual assaulter something that can be done too soon?

That’s such a politically b.s. answer that only one explanation suffices: this is a political stunt by Democrats who want to delay the Kavanaugh nomination until after November. Democrats are betting they may take back the Senate. They can then stop any Supreme Court nominee, assuming one doesn’t get passed in the lame-duck Congress.

End this charade. Confirm Kavanaugh now. If he’s found guilty of what Ford is accusing him of, he can be impeached after.