DHS: Border Wall Going Up At 10 Miles Per Week, ‘Faster Than Ever Before’

Border Wall 10 Miles Per Week

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) put out a statement updating America on the construction of the border wall, reporting it is being built at about “10 miles per week.”

The statement, issued Tuesday, claims the Trump administration “is building (a) new wall and doing so faster than ever before.”

“Now construction is moving at a rate of approximately 10 miles per week, setting the administration up to complete its year-end goal with time to spare,” it reads.

That year-end goal constitutes a 450-mile section at “some of the highest-trafficking and therefore most critical sectors of the southern border for illegal crossings and apprehensions.”

The department also notes that 341 new miles have been completed, while another 240 are under construction with an additional 157 miles entering the pre-construction phase.

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Importance of the Border Wall

Several recent stories outline the importance of the border wall in providing safety for the American people.

Last week, border patrol agents in Eagle Pass, Texas apprehended a man who had previously been deported.

“During processing, agents discovered that [Rigoberto] Ortiz-Martinez was convicted of rape-strong arm and sex offense against child-fondling (indecent liberties with a child),” the Custom and Border Protection (CBP) states.

Another alleged sex offender, Israel Picon-Monzon, was arrested days later.

Also last week, border patrol agents in San Ygnacio, Texas freed 11 individuals from a locked travel trailer.

“The agents observed that the trailer’s door was locked from the outside with a padlock,” CBP reported. “Suspecting that people may be trapped inside, agents requested assistance … ”

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Promises Kept, 10 Miles Per Week

Construction of the border wall represents a significant campaign promise from then-candidate Trump in 2016.

“The American people need and deserve a secure border, and they’re getting one from this administration,” the DHS site reads.

“These hundreds of miles of wall system are helping to improve the integrity of our immigration system,” they add.

It is designed to “protect Americans from crimes committed by illegal aliens, stem the flow of deadly hard narcotics into our communities, and rebuild a competitive economy that serves the American worker.”

The proof abounds …

Even the Washington Post conceded the rate at which the administration is building the wall is remarkable.

“It is an unprecedented pace toward meeting one of Trump’s signature 2016 campaign promises,” they reported.

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