The Democrats spent the first day of Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings engaged in passionate demagoguery, while on the second day they sank deeper into the political abyss, thus exposing their own hypocrisy.

The whole purpose of the Supreme Court and the other courts is to consider issues dispassionately, in a reasoned manner.

The constituent sob stories, photo blowups, and inflated rhetoric are the province of the political branches and are exactly what the Court is NOT supposed to consider if it is to serve the American people.

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On Tuesday, the Democrats could not have drawn a stronger contrast between what they did and what the court is supposed to do.

I only hope that the Republicans are smart enough and brave enough to hoist them on their own petards.

The Democrat’s Actions Are Disgusting

When did abortion become a fundamental right when the Constitution affirms LIFE, liberty and happiness? Yes, that includes the lives of the unborn.

On Sunday, in Queens, New York City, neighbors heard a feeble voice from a garbage bin all night and thought it is the meowing of a cat.

The next morning one good samaritan found a newborn barely breathing, with his umbilical cord still attached.

The baby was immediately transported to a hospital, and the police arrested a woman as the mother of the baby.

How does this differ much from aborting babies, sometimes brutally, in the womb? Is this newborn human being a voiceless, defenseless creation of evolution – or God?

What’s All The Obamacare Talk About?

Obamacare is doing exactly as was originally planned.

A program with high promise to lure in the majority of the country – then FAIL! The failure was planned.

After Obamacare failed- the Swamp expected the people to cry out for a fix.

The next plan would be a single-payer that put the government in control of large parts of the economy.

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You can see part of the plan with the DNC declaring ‘racism’ as a healthcare issue… one they expected to use for control of people with single-payer healthcare.

Taking away women’s choice isn’t in the picture even long term. It only gets more likely every time pro-abortion advocates go for more.

They have what they want and only hurt themselves, trying to expand it outside of society’s current moral limits.

But Democrats need to create dark and ugly scenarios to scare people because their policies stink.

Sasse Had To Give A Civics Lesson To The Dems

If SCOTUS decisions are mostly 9-0, 8-1, and 7-2, then it’s not like they are really contentious decisions made by nine people who serve for life.

If there is a 5-4 decision, then guess what? You can change the law,  and re-write it with the hints and suggestions included in the 5 justices’ decision.

If someone wants ACA and all its provisions to be the law of the land, call it a tax and pass it again.

As Republican Sen. Ben Sasse explained, that’s the civics lesson that 8th graders should be learning.

It is way beyond the understanding of virtually all the Democrat senators who think Big Shot photographs are what SCOTUS should be thinking about, not legal briefs.

Once again, the Democrats prove they’re only interested in using COVID-19 and fear-mongering about the Affordable Care Act as weapons to gain power.

In particular, Harris and Klobuchar demonstrated they’re only interested in playing politics, not having a serious discussion about the candidate’s qualifications.

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If the Democrats are so afraid the Supreme Court will overturn Obamacare, perhaps they shouldn’t have passed a law of such questionable constitutionality, and one which the majority of Americans opposed.

They jammed it down our throats based on lies; the better course would have been to construct a law and build a consensus behind it to minimize challenges to it.

As for ACB – the majority of polls are on the side of appointing her now!

Even most Democrats say that. This is just an issue with Trump haters that see the courts as their only chance at forcing things on the country voters will never agree with.

The majority are clearly on the side of Amy Coney Barrett and her appointment.


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