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Dems Have Had A Chance To Show They Care For The Rule Of Law For Over 20 Years — And Failed

The Articles of Impeachment were a forgone conclusion, from the morning after the election, and before the then-GOP candidate, Donald Trump took over the Presidency.

The only question was which specific charges would be included. But, as Nancy Pelosi has infamously said earlier, you have to vote FOR them, to find out what they may contain.

The Democrat party has proven itself wholly and utterly unfit to lead. IF they had any involvement in the incredible past three years of economic development and wealth creation, they would at least be able to say they did something of value.

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Still, they did nothing but “protest,” complain, and lie to the American people at every turn. The results of the upcoming election will be theirs to own, as voters take them to task for their failures. Seventy-five million (75,000,0000), that’s the number of votes Trump will get this election. Mark my word. Republicans will win at least one more seat in the Senate, and the Democrats will lose the House. You’ll see.

Democrats had the chance to show how much they care about Rule of Law numerous times over the past 20 years, starting in the late 90s with Clinton’s impeachment, and their vote that obstruction of justice didn’t warrant impeachment, to “sanctuary laws” and pretending immigration law is exempt from the concept of Rule of Law.

Rep. Adam Schiff keeps saying that there is overwhelming evidence that has been presented, and “the extensive evidence” that was collected in the House impeachment process will be given. So if the House has done its job, there’s no need for additional witnesses, and the Senate can make their determination on the case the House managers present.

Remember, every “star” witness called by the Democrats was asked on cross-examination if they witnessed the president committing any crimes – and everyone said “no.”

Let’s say this again. It is NOT the responsibility of the Senate to find evidence. That task is up to the House of Reps, which is what they are supposed to use to decide whether to bring Articles of Impeachment. Obviously, they’ve decided to bring Articles of Impeachment and then try to find evidence to support them.

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This is just a bunch of nervous Democrats fearing that if they don’t get rid of a president that is getting closer to exposing their dirty games and affecting their bank accounts, they will be out of a job.

Senate trials have ONE purpose. To remove officials who have done very serious crimes. Bill Clinton committed a felony (lying under oath), and he was not removed. Nixon committed a felony and resigned instead of going through a Senate trial in which he would have been pronounced guilty. What we are looking at here are hardly crimes, if crimes at all. They certainly are not worthy of a Senate trial.

Once you understand that, you know that this could be nothing other than a sham.

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