Democrats Think Trump Is Being Hostile To Mexico – He Has Every Right To Be!

Doesn’t it seem like the relationship between Mexico and the United States is deteriorating? Actually, there is no relationship. Mexico takes whatever it wants without consequences, and the American people are suffering for it.

Besides cutting aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador as President Trump announced over the weekend, he should also establish a remittance tax on monies transferred to Mexico. That is what the illegal and legal immigrants do. They send money home to their families via bank transfers, Western Union, PayPal, etc. Each of these transactions should carry a high premium service charge to pay for the wall.

Democrats and the opposition media are complaining that President Trump has hostility towards the country of Mexico. If Trump does indeed have hostility towards Mexico, there is a reason for it, Mr. Barrios-Gomez.

During the last caravan, there was a news crew at that Southern border post, and it clearly showed that it was wide open and unmanned when the caravan arrived at midnight.

I don’t know why it is so hard for people to understand why the President is pushing Mexico. If all of these people were coming straight through our border and we were helping bus them straight to Canada don’t they think Canada would be raising H with us about stopping them.

The migrant caravans of thousands march through Mexico to the US border. Maybe they need to stop them at the Mexican border at the south. Trump is right; an emergency at the border is daily brewing. Democrats play petty politics and refuse to address it.

Over 90,000 apprehensions to be logged during March, according to data provided to the Mexican government. That is up more than 140 percent from March 2018, and a seven-fold jump from 2017.

When you have nearly 100K people caught in a month, you know a lot is still getting through. Mexico does nothing to stop them and offers them train and bus rides to make the trip faster and easier for them. That is NOT helping us with the problem.

But Democrats say there is no increase. They must be bad at reading and/or math.

Trump is putting them on notice that if your not helping the fight of people waltzing into your country on there way to the U.S. then your not going to get aid, not going to get a better NAFTA deal, or sympathy if you’re not willing to stop it. As well your country is running ads on how to circumvent the system to get into the U.S. so correct it or Trump/U.S. will be hard to work with.

I also believe a partial border shutdown is probably the correct response. He needs to close the Texas, Arizona and New Mexico borders with Mexico. I have no problem with these people going where they’re welcome. Let them go to California. Just put up a fence along the California border and require passports to enter the US from there.

As for Mexico, they have a long history of not enforcing and protecting its southern border. It’s high time for them to pay the price for the problems this causes for the U.S.

Consider this to be their “down payment” towards our border wall!

Wayne Dupree

Wayne is a freelance writer who was named the 2015 American Conservative Union Blogger of the Year and awarded the 2014 Podcast Of the Year; Best in Show. He has over 160K followers on Twitter (@WayneDupreeShow) and over 300K followers on Facebook (@WayneDupreeShow). In 2016, he was named one of the Top 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans by Newsmax.

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  • Thanks for your reply. How can politicians and public officials be forced to take action?

  • Build the wall. And much, much, more. Total mobilization is needed. And constitutional amendment to reduce incentives to immigrate. Try to understand that war is being waged against the people. The people must Take America Back.

  • Seems to me it is way past time to inform Mexico that they are not free to allow millions of people to cross their border, cross their country to illegally enter our country.  Mexico could easily refuse entry into their country by these people but they would rather see America be invaded taking us down.
    Anyone who does not believe this is an orchestrated invasion of our country by those who would destroy the very fabric of our nation is in need of serious psychological evaluation.  Sure these people may be desperate and things in their country are dangerous but there are powers to be that are pulling the strings in organizing these caravans, this is not just the coyotes and drug smugglers that are orchestrating these invasions, there is a bigger picture at work here.
    Shut down the border make Mexico deal with the problem they will stop these caravans from entering their country.

  • Thirty million or so Mexican citizens invade the US and reside there...and we're supposed to be on good terms with them?? They want the Western US back and they will take it by illegal immigration, with the help of treasonous Democrats!

  • What a mealy-mouthed essay! Either close the border or don't. Don't leave it open for California, Oregon, and Washington, from where illegals may pass into the genuine U.S.A. without suffering any consequence.

  • NON- Citizens don't have a place in our USA, amendments,OUR RIGHTS IN THE USA ARE FOR & ABOUT, USA CITIZENS, NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, so there is no reason to change the wording, non citizens do not belong in America unless they are legally visiting, by coming into our country legally & going through the proper channels...We have rules for non-citizens that, are not the same for citizens. I do agree with, (both parents need to be citizens of the USA, & then their child that is born in the USA, would automatically be a legal citizen of the USA.

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