Democrats Steal Official New Party Slogan From Papa John’s

Jeff Stein of Vox caught this big change from the Democratic Party and tweeted it out on Thursday afternoon. Apparently, the Democrats, fresh off a pathetic series of losses to Republicans, has adopted a new slogan that is very similar to that of pizza chain Papa John’s.

I wouldn’t expect anything less from a corrupt, political entity that has stolen ideas from Republicans in the past. Hell, they’ve even stolen the history of the Republican Party and passed it off for themselves.

If you walk into the DNC headquarters, you will see how they boast about protecting civil rights from the beginning. They also have stolen the women’s rights movement saying they were behind that.

They take anything from the Republicans and make fun of it or demonize it and then turn around and use it for themselves. Democrats do not know how to be original except for blaming Republicans for being racist and hating old people.

Well, they got caught, and it’s funny and sad at the same time. If I were the owner of Papa John’s, I would make sure I get some proceeds from the Democrats’ hijacking efforts.

How are the Democrats going to give away better skills?

Twitter users joined in the fun and started to troll Democrats with these tweets:

This is lovely! In the “months” they worked on this slogan, not one Democrat noticed it was a Papa John’s ripoff? What a bunch of thieves. This is just further evidence that Democrats haven’t had an original idea in decades.

What is it so difficult for the left to understand that slogans do not make good policy? The Democrat Party is toxic for most U.S. citizens. They attack the nation’s core values and insult the working class who are the bedrock of the nation. No slogan will help that.

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