Why is it a crime to lie to Congress but not a crime for a congressmen to lie to the American people?

On Thursday afternoon, Rep. Nancy Pelosi held her weekly news conference where she claimed Attorney General William Barr committed a crime when he lied to Congress about his handling of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation probe report. She also made another accusation toward President Trump, that he obstructed justice by blocking members of his administration from testifying to Congress.

“The attorney general of the United States did not tell the truth to the Congress. That’s a crime. He lied to Congress. If anybody else did that, it would be considered a crime, nobody is above the law.

Not the president of the United States and not the attorney general. Being attorney general does not give you a bath to go say whatever you want and it is the fact because you are the attorney general. It just isn’t true,” Pelosi said.

The Justice Department released a statement to Pelosi’s attack on the AG with this: “Speaker Pelosi’s baseless attack on the Attorney General is reckless, irresponsible, and false,” Kerri Kupec, a DOJ spokesperson said.

Pelosi knows Barr released an unredacted Mueller report now available at the Justice Department, but it must be read in a secure location. I learned on Thursday morning that not a single Democrat has gone to read it. How crazy is that? But then again, they think they know what’s in it! Sound familiar? Democrats are the most uninformed creatures on this planet. Their supposed “expertise” is nothing more than spouting baseless opinions and calling them evidence and facts.

It looks like Pelosi intends to kill the Democratic Party herself rather than letting the radicals take it over. None of this nonsense is playing well with voters who appear to be set to vote Democrats out of power in Washington.

Where was Nancy when Eric Holder lied? Where was she when Eric Clapper lied, or John Brennan lied? Rep. Adam Schiff lied for almost two years, and she kept quiet. When Sen. Chuck Schumer and all the Democrats lied saying Trump colluded with Russia or that, Trump is a Russian agent and traitor, where was she?

Let’s face it, when the Democrats accuse anyone of lying is it worth even considering? It would be more shocking on occasions that they didn’t accuse a political opponent of lying! Their second go-to accusation is ” He’s racist!” Give it about a week and that will be next.

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy… It’s time you and your Democrat cronies holding office and in the media come to the realization, that the American people – you know, your employers – know that this circus is nothing more than a witch hunt you’ve been on since 2016. Enough. Time to get over the temper tantrum and get on with your JOB of doing the business we the people expect you and your colleagues to be doing.

If you can’t bring yourselves to do that, every one of you should resign so we can get a Congress that will actually do their jobs.

AG Barr is a lawyer. At some point in time, he’ll be in a position to personally sue Pelosi for slander/libel or whatever lies she comes up with. Being House Speaker does not make her immune.

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