The Democrats were too lazy to read what was in the Obamacare bill but all of a sudden, miraculously, they have been cured and want to read the entire Mueller report. They are looking for any inconsistencies to go after President Trump.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, blocked a resolution from Democrats begging to see the entire report. Attorney General William Barr’s responsibility was to deliver a summary to Congress, and he did his job. If he were to give anymore, he would put his job in jeopardy.

Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi seem to not understand – or don’t want to understand – that there are perfectly good reasons for not making the entire report and all the investigative data public. Say, for example, that in the course of executing a search warrant, Mueller came across evidence that indicated that Schumer had an affair with someone other than his wife. Having such an affair is in no way illegal, but it would be very politically damaging. Would Schumer still want the report released in full? Doubtful.

Here’s another example. Let’s say you were investigated by Mueller with all your bank information on record but shows you had nothing to do with the outcome. Your personal information should not be released, right?

It would be like a liberal to demand breaking laws. Do you know that intelligence sources and methods are involved in this investigation and must be kept out of public light, right?

Using police powers to uncover information unrelated to any actual crime, but which could damage someone in any of a number of ways, and then releasing that information, is highly unethical and not at all what police powers are supposed to be used for. It’s virtually impossible to tell what information could hurt someone, maybe not even the person mentioned, so the correct policy, the one that all investigations operate under, is to only release information in court and only the information needed to prosecute a crime.

In this case, the Democrats are merely trying to weaponize the DOJ to fish for opposition research information. That is the only reason why they are pushing to have the whole report released. It can not be because they think they need to review Mueller’s work; the entire point of changing the Independent Counsel law that Ken Starr worked under to the Special Counsel law that Mueller worked under was specifically NOT to release information that is inappropriate to use police powers to acquire.

Democrats don’t care who gets torched in this report, as long as every word in it is provided, verbatim, to the public. Sacrificing the rights and liberties of the innocent is justified when it advances the purity of the agenda of the central command, right liberals? There are likely hundreds of people named in this report who did nothing other than comply with a subpoena to talk with Mueller’s merry band of biased investigators and floating their names and their testimonies out there for everyone to see is FINE, isn’t it, liberals?

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