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Democratic Rep Alcee Hastings Under Investigation For Relationship With Staffer

Peter Hasson on November 14, 2019

The House Ethics Committee is investigating Democratic Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings for an alleged improper relationship with one of his congressional staffers, the committee announced Thursday.

“The Committee is aware off public allegations arising out off Representative Alcee Hastings’ personal relationship with an individual employed in his congressional office,” the committee’s co-chairs said in a press release. The committee first opened its Hastings investigation May 14, according to the release.

Hastings has long faced scrutiny over his employment of his girlfriend, Patricia Williams, in his congressional office. The House voted in February 2018 to prohibit sexual relationships between members of Congress and their staffers.

“I have cooperated with the Committee since May 14, 2019. As they continue to conduct their work, I stand ready to fully cooperate with their inquiry,” the congressman said in a statement released by his office Thursday.

He previously faced accusations of making unwanted sexual advances toward another female staffer, who received a $220,000 taxpayer-funded settlement in 2014 for her claims.

Hastings is the third House Democrat in 2019 to face an ethics investigation for an alleged improper relationship with a staffer.

Former Democratic California Rep. Katie Hill resigned in October after the committee announced an investigation into her alleged relationship with a male staffer. Hill denied that relationship, but admitted to an “inappropriate” extramarital affair with a female campaign staffer.

Michael San Nicolas, Guam’s non-voting delegate to Congress, is facing a similar investigation but hasn’t stepped down, unlike Hill.

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  • These are wonderful ideas, but I doubt if they will ever happen. The Dems will never let them be enacted. Too much common sense and it doesn't fit the Dems plan for control of the masses..

  • "To Curtail Voter Fraud, AFTER WE REPLACE Soros’ rigged machines with old fashioned paper ballots, we must hand count - town by town, county by county, then total them all for the state.!! NO MACHINES INVOLVED This should be done until the illegals and zombies are purged from the polling lists of eligible voters!! When we get Voter Photo ID, this will go a long way to helping with this purge to prevent illegal voting. A guy (Jim Franklin) came up with a wonderful idea. If we had a credit card-like ID, with a magnetic strip on it, we could keep track of how many times a person votes - and even where!! Maybe it's not 100% fool proof, but it's much better than Soros owned machines counting our votes! If we had electronic voter registration cards like these, a voter could go to any polling station, and cast their ballot and it would still be counted in their district. To vote outside the USA, you could use this Credit Card Voter ID in a US Embassy or military installation to cast your ballot. It's worth thinking about.
    Until such time that this has been done, we should have I.C.E. in full uniform standing by problem polling places with a big deportation van parked nearby with the I.C.E. emblem boldly displayed on it! A big sign posted (in different languages) citing penalties for illegal voting, plus the fact that illegal immigrants/refugees and their families would immediately be deported when caught, should deter a lot of the fraudulent voting. Watch the illegals voters sne

  • I worked at a voting place in Broward county many years ago and the Dem woman leading our voting place was dumber than a box of rocks. I was asked to take over for her, but of course, I couldn't legally do that and it took her way past closing time for her to try to understand how to tabulate the votes. It was the last time I worked for the election office. I hope you are right about the silent Republicans. Broward was a Republican county at one time. I am also a vocal Republican and even this site has censored me when I call out the Dem communist. You can search for USA Communist and see all of the ties to the Dems. Under the Obama administration, we had a card carrying communist head of the CIA.

  • I think the day is very close when they will have to be very careful when committing Voter Fraud. Some of it was exposed in 2016, and again in 2018. The people now know what to watch for. i think quite a few democrats in those counties have become silent republicans. After 50+ yrs of voting blind as a democrat, I got a computer in '14 and did my own research. (Oh, my!!) In 2016 I became a republican, but a very vocal one. FB has blocked me for 30 days, but I still voice my views elsewhere.

  • Hastings is in Palm Beach county and yes, they are known for election fraud along with Broward and Dade, but they are in a Dem strong holds and no one really challenges them locally.

  • Still waiting for someone in Congress to release the names of those who tapped into the $17 million hush find to pay for silence of sexual assault victims of Congressional members!

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