Want to See the Democrat Party’s Real Platform?

Democratic Party platform cartoon

We don’t think we’ve seen it summarized quite this well before.

Political cartoonist A.F. Branco delivers yet another epic cartoon that reveals the true desires of the Democrat Party, and what America can expect to endure if predictions of a ‘blue wave’ come to fruition during the midterm elections.

In a piece titled Whiners Take All, Branco has the symbol of the Democrat Party – a jackass, fittingly – holding a placard which spells out doom for the country.

“Democrats are pretty much running on a plan to raise taxes, impeach trump, ban guns, put illegals ahead of U.S. citizens, open our borders,” Branco writes in the caption below, “while promising to create a big blue wave?”

They sure do, and they’re not even vaguely being shy about it.

The very first item on that list – raise taxes – has been openly discussed by the Democrats.

They’re promising to repeal the GOP tax cuts if they are elected and take control of the House and/or Senate in 2018. They’re promising to take more of your money people!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has revealed this plan time and time again.

“Replace them (Republicans) and repeal the bill (tax cuts),” she said.

Bolstering that claim is another top Democrat, Steny Hoyer, who was asked by CNBC, “Are you looking at raising the tax rate again on the highest earners?”

“I think certainly we’ll look to have revenues as opposed to simply creating more debt,” he replied.

As for the remainder of that wishlist in Branco’s cartoon – those other platforms have been pretty obvious for some time.

The opposition party has always placed illegal immigrants’ rights before those of Americans and legal immigrants.

Democrats are “the ones who really, in reality, are putting illegal immigrants before you, the American people,” Fox News host Sean Hannity has said.

Skeptical? Ask people like Kate Steinle or Jamiel Shaw Jr. if they mattered to Democrats more than illegals.

And one need only to look at Maxine Waters‘ entire career these past two years to know that a Democrat majority in Congress will lead to impeachment efforts for President Donald Trump.

There it is America: If you allow a blue wave to happen in 2018, don’t be surprised to watch Democrats raise your taxes, support illegal rights over your own, impeach Trump, and take your guns.

It will happen. Only you can stop them at the ballot box.

Do you think Democrats will try to do all these things if they win in 2018? Share your thoughts below!

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