Democrat Lawmaker From Oregon ‘Chains’ Himself To Mailbox To ‘Defend’ It From President Trump

A Democrat lawmaker from Oregon just “chained” himself to a U.S. Post Office mailbox, saying that he did it to “defend” it from the Trump administration’s proposed changes to the United States Postal Service.

Over the past few days, Rep. Peter DeFazio has been going off on Trump on social media, claiming that the president “is intentionally trying to destroy the United States Postal Service (USPS) to steal the election,” and telling his followers that “we can’t let it stand!”

On Tuesday, DeFazio was back on Twitter to post a bizarre video showing him with a sparkling-new chain loosely draped over his shoulder and wrapped around a public mail box, while he declared, “They’re not gettin’ this one!”

“They’re trying to tear apart our Postal Service piece by piece,” he captioned the video. “But Peter DeFazio is defending our right to vote (and every mailbox in America).”

It should be noted that DeFazio is clearly not even really chained to the mailbox, which shows two things: Number one, that this is a political stunt, and a pathetic one at that. Number two, this is a prime example of the hysteria going on among some Democrats in response to President Trump’s proposed changes to the postal service.

Even the USPS itself has admitted to experiencing a “staggering loss of mail volume” since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump has also been condemning the widespread use of mail-in voting, as evidence shows that the practice is wrought with fraud.

Nevertheless, various prominent Democrats have ignored the evidence of fraud to claim that Trump is only making changes to the USPS to suppress voting. Former Democratic Vice President Al Gore went so far as to say that “by tampering with the postal service, [Trump] is in effect putting his knee on the neck of American democracy and trying to make it impossible for people to vote by mail,” according to The Blaze.

This all just goes to show that Democrats truly have lost their minds, and that these lefties need treatment as soon as possible!

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on August 19, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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