Democrat Feminist Says He’ll Tell Anybody Wearing MAGA Hats in Public That They’re Racist

A former Democratic candidate for local office in Plano, Texas is warning Trump supporters – If he sees anybody wearing MAGA hats in public he’s going to hit them with a profanity-laced tirade.

Stirling Morris, a self-described feminist, LGBTQ supporter, and ‘global citizen,’ took to Twitter to express random disdain for Deplorables whom he describes as “racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, bigoted hate-mongers.”

“If you wear a #MAGA cap in public, I will definitely say, ‘#F*** Trump and f*** you’,” he bravely tweeted knowing full well he wouldn’t actually do that. “This planet is on fire, and we don’t have time to deal with YOUR s***.”

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Of Course, He’s a Democrat

Morris, who ran as a candidate for Place 8 representative on the Plano City Council in 2017, earning himself an endorsement from the Texas Democratic Party, doubled down in a later post, bragging that he had proven his point by raising the ire of Trump supporters.


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Suffice it to say, fans of the President weren’t overly concerned about a pajama boy feminist claiming he’d confront them in public.

Perhaps the best retort came from a conservative political commentator who also happens to be black, asking if he and his fellow supporters are racist.

Morris also ran to become Collin County Democratic Party Chair in 2018.

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Hate for the Hat

Liberals are consistently triggered by the MAGA hat, claiming it represents hatred, racism, and support for Nazis. Which, incidentally, are actually core tenets of the Democrat party.

Former CNN host Reza Aslan expressed his belief that “the MAGA hat is a KKK hood” and anyone who supports the cause promoted by it “must be eradicated from society.”

Tiffany Cross, a panelist on MSNBC’s AM Joy show, recently asserted that the MAGA hat is comparable to the swastika and said it’s high time the media start calling supporters of President Trump ‘racists.’

Morris is just the latest in a string of liberals who thump their chest from behind a computer screen but wouldn’t dare do what they claim in reality.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • If this fruitcake says something like that to me, I think that I will be offended.

    But, being hard of hearing, I could not be certain of what such a limp-wrist was actually saying; I could have been mistaken in what I thought I heard...the pervert would have to come closer for me to hear and be certain of what was being said.

    Closer please.

    I now think that with each advancing step, the sexual deviant would bring to me anxiety and then fear of assault. Great fear. I am old after all...decades away from the CQC, Edged Weapons, and hand-to-hand training I received in places like Camp Polk, Fort Hood, Quantico and San Diego.

    Tinker Bell or not, my attacker appears to outweighed by at least 40 pounds. Anticipating an attack on my frail self, and remembering that the disparity of force ratio is in favor of this twinkle-toed advancing menace, I can see myself stumbling backward in a retreat that only appears to resemble an awkward attempt at dancing--and then regaining an odd-looking regaining of balance. Such a scenario could justify--especially in my very fearful state--a defensive, disabling and potentially lethal, strike on my part...followed by a holding on to the attacker's throat as a means of steadying myself.

    The followup kicks to the head and kidneys are completely accidental. Ah, if only....

    I'm dreaming, of course. Gas giants like this creature talk one game and play another--a duck and cover game. All talk. No action.

  • Tell her to grow up. I love Diamond and Silk! Does she or is she racist? I have loads of wonderful black friends. Have eaten at their homes. Has she eaten a sit down meal with an opposite skin person? My friends don't eat at my home. WHY? I do not cook! Therefore, I reciprocate by taking them out to a restaurant. Oh my, white and black sitting down together, in public, in a restaurant, having a wonderful time. There is not one friend I am willing to give up for the stupid reason of skin color. How ludicrous!

  • That's all well and good, Opey. When you get clocked for being a first-class a-hole by talking shiite and getting in someone's face, I hope we'll have video.

  • I wouldn't say that too loud. You might get you @$$ kick by the person. By the way, since when did a guy become a feminist? Oh, it's not feminist, it's liberal pansy. Ah, now I see.

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