Democrat Congresswoman Fears She Will Lose; Smears Army Vet Opponent

The Democrats are desperate this year. They claim opposition ads with minorities are racist. They claim black and white ads are racist. And when that doesn’t work, they outright lie.

Nita Lowey is a 26 year incumbent. The Congresswoman who represents NY 17 has a bit of a fight on her hands this year. And Lowey is scared. So scared that she has resorted to lying. Lowey’s opponent is Chris Day. An Army veteran, Day served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and earned a Bronze Star for his service. Day now works at an investment firm.

In her mailers Lowey has said that Day is going to raise the retirement age for seniors, is anti women, and supports a middle class tax increase. Day countered these lies.

“Apparently, based on a conversation we had, Ms. Lowey believes that she can just apply the views of others or various groups to me, whether I actually hold those positions or not. That’s not how this works. If a Democratic figure says something, it doesn’t mean Nita Lowey believes it – and the same applies on my end.”


This has been pretty par for the course this election cycle. But, this race is different as the incumbent has safely held the seat for approaching 30 years. Instead of running on her record, she is smearing a decorated Army Veteran.

The War on Women attacks aren’t working this election cycle. The gender gap has closed. The costs and effects of Obamacare seemingly have pushed women to recognize the ill effects of that legislation.

Has the electorate changed it’s opinion about the course of this country? Will voters fall for lies next Tuesday?

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