Decorated Green Beret Kicked Out of Army – Why It Happened Will Leave You Angry


Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, a Green Beret and Bronze Star recipient for his heroic actions during a deployment to Afghanistan, is being kicked out of the Army after a decorated 11-year career.

The reason is sure to leave you enraged.

Martland it seems, confronted an Afghan police officer trained by the U.S. after learning that the officer raped a young boy and severely beat his mother.

via Fox News:

The U.S. Army is kicking out a decorated Green Beret after an 11-year Special Forces career, after he got in trouble for shoving an Afghan police commander accused of raping a boy and beating up his mother when she reported the incident.

The case of Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland now has the attention of Congress, with Rep. Duncan Hunter writing to Defense Secretary Ash Carter challenging the decision.

“I am once again dismayed by the Army’s actions in this case,” Hunter, R-Calif., wrote in a letter to Carter.

Martland is described by many of his teammates as the finest soldier they have ever served alongside.

But his Army career changed course during his second deployment to Afghanistan in 2011. After learning an Afghan boy was raped and his mother beaten, Martland and his team leader confronted a local police commander they had trained, armed and paid with U.S. taxpayer dollars. When the man laughed off the incident, they physically confronted him.

Compare this incident to the fact that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, a man known to have deserted his fellow soldiers on the battlefield, was allowed to return to duty at Fort Sam Houston just two months after being released by the Taliban members he had befriended.

Martland did what probably many of you reading this story would have done, confronted someone for committing a heinous crime.  He should be praised for his actions and the courage of his moral convictions to stand up to somebody like that. Not punished by being removed from the Army.

There is currently a petition of support for SFC Charles Martland which you can sign here.  It is woefully lacking in signatures currently, but hopefully our readers at The Political Insider can help make some noise for this hero.

Was the Army justified in their reaction to Charles Martland shoving a rapist and woman beater?

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