This Lefty Hollywood Celebrity Took An Oath To The Constitution – But She Forgot About THIS

Debra Messing

Suddenly freedom of speech is popular again on the left, after 8 years of any criticism of Obama being called racist.

But liberal actress Debra Messing got a little too carried away with her sudden patriotism and recorded a video of herself saying the Constitutional oath with the message, “Today I joined millions of Americans in taking an Oath to protect, preserve and defend the constitution. Join me. Learn more at TheOath.US” and posted it to Twitter.

Immediately the ridicule came in – from both sides, especially those pointing out that the gun control advocate was pledging to defend the Second Amendment and the Electoral College, which liberals don’t like now because Hillary won the popular vote.

Her silly stunt totally backfired and she deleted the tweet. But the video is still up – Watch:

Messing continued beclowning herself by attending the Womens March in DC, where she wore a pink “pussy” hat that said “Meow.”

Shut up and act, Debra!

What do you think – was Debra Messing right to take an oath to the Constitution? Tell us in the comments below!

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