Damning New Evidence Proves Obama Lied About THIS

We already knew this, but now it is verified by newly obtained emails that Jonathan Gruber was heavily involved in the creation of Obamacare – something the Obama White House denied. Obama and the Democrats tried to act like Gruber was just a “bit player,” someone they hardly even knew. We now know they lied.

The Democrats on “Morning Joe” would only laughingly admit that Obama was “not fully forthcoming” – i.e. they lied. To them it’s all a big joke. Gruber is the man who arrogantly said they put one over on the American people in passing Obamacare – thanks to Americans being “too stupid to understand.”

Check out this video:

Wait until the spin room gets a hold of this information? It’s about to get deep don’t you think? Share this on Twitter and Facebook and add your comments below.

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