obama poland 01
After the Dallas shooting, which is the worst attack on law enforcement in our history since 9/11, President Gun-Grabber-in-Chief couldn’t wait to find the nearest microphone so he could politicize the deaths of police officers for the sake of gun control!!

Very early in the morning, he spoke from Poland and made sure that even though the details of the shooting hadn’t yet been sorted out, that wasn’t going to keep him from making it about the guns!!

Watch his statement below – he mentions gun control at the very end, at about the 3 minute mark:


What is even more infuriating about this is that when his own posterior is in the fire, he says “we can’t comment on an ongoing investigation,” but when he can politicize something for gun control, he RUNS to comment!!

Isn’t that just a tad hypocritical?

What do you think? Should Obama have waited AT LEAST a few hours before politicizing the deaths of police? Let us know in the comments section below!!