Cuomo’s MOCK Tweet Reaction To Conservative Rape Survivor Goes VIRAL!

Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor, shared a tweet that was viewed as insensitive towards Kimberly Corban, a rape survivor, national speaker and advocate of the Second Amendment. Corban frequents college campuses and events to speak about her survival and also sexual assault awareness and has blazed a path for empowering women to stand up and fight back after their horrific violations.

Kim also argues for the use of concealed carry as a defense mechanism to help women maintain the defense of their bodies along with deterring sex criminals.

The NRA released a controversial advertisement video which presented Kimberly advocating for using firearms to protect her family, thus, promoting the Second Amendment.

CNN’s Cuomo responded with this shallow tweet:

I can’t comprehend the positions of many people. They are opposed to a woman having a firearm she/they might use to protect herself from a rapist, but they adamantly support her right to kill the child conceived by the rape. How does that add up? How can you have so many conflicting viewpoints?

Rape Survivor. One of the ways the Left can control the country is through destroying the precision of language and meaning of words. She is a rape victim. If the murder of the victim normally followed rape, rape “survivor” would be the right term. The Left elevates everything to the level of a life-threatening event. Rape survivor, sexual assault survivor, lookism survivor, racism survivor.

I am not sure if Cuomo saw the video and he was retweeting a response to the summary of the tweet or whether his social media staff responded for him. Either way, it was met with a flurry of reaction from Republicans.

I think it’s easy to say that Cuomo regurgitates the Democratic Party Line at any opportunity, and that is the wish to disarming Americans at all costs. The immediate circumstance is irrelevant to him; it’s merely an opportunity to regurgitate.

Out came the conservative posse to go after Cuomo for his insensitivity:

If you move the emotion aside from these Republicans, Cuomo is right in a way. He was correct to say only in America can women choose to defend themselves to stop sex crimes intended to violate them and their lives. Believe it or not, this right should be praised, not scorned or made fun of. Women who utilize these rights should be moved to the front of the line and praised for taking action.

Maybe someone should explain to the CNN anchor how the Second Amendment Sisters got started. It was Suzanna Hupp’s response to losing her parents in the Luby’s Cafeteria shooting — because, in obedience to Texas law at the time, she had left her gun behind in the car, so they were defenseless when the shooting started. Not that he would be willing to learn anything from it.

The easiest thing for me to say about Cuomo is that he wasn’t intelligent, but I had to catch myself. That is a mistake. They think differently, more like criminals, which is why they sympathize with criminals.


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