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After Cuba Visit, Fidel Castro Just Embarrassed Obama In A HUGE WAY!

Fidel Castro

President Barack Obama, with his far-left ideology, has always wanted to improve relations with the oppressive leadership of Cuba. That’s why he is lifting the Cuban embargo and spent last week attending baseball games and partying on the Communist island, while Brussels was under attack by Islamic terrorists.

But former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is not happy with Obama! Even as a fellow Marxist, Castro can’t stand Obama’s big ego and obnoxious “syrupy” words. Immediately after Obama left the Island, Castro wrote this…

President Obama’s “syrupy” words about brotherhood and shared history, and his call to leave behind the enmity of the past, were enough to give Cubans “a heart attack,” former president Fidel Castro said Monday in his first public response to Obama’s visit to Cuba last week.

“We don’t need any gifts from the empire,” Castro wrote in a scathing article, addressed to “Brother Obama” and published in Granma, the Cuban Communist Party newspaper.

He went on to criticize America’s treatment of Cuba…

He offered a “modest suggestion” that the American president reflect on that history “and not offer elaborate theories about Cuban politics.”

“Each of us probably had a heart attack” while listening to Obama, Castro wrote. “After nearly 60 years of ruthless blockade. And how many have died from mercenary attacks on boats, in Cuban ports, on an airplane full of passengers that exploded in full flight, in mercenary invasions and multiple acts of violence and force?

“No one should fool themselves into thinking that our noble and generous people will renounce their glory and their rights, and the spiritual wealth of our educational, scientific and cultural achievements.

“I’ll add that we are capable of producing our own food and the material wealth we need from the labor and intelligence of our own people,” Castro concluded.

Via WaPo

Clearly, Cuba’s dictatorship is not interested in being friends with America and expanding trade. They don’t care about their own people, but were pleased to use Obama’s official visit as propaganda. This is a clear sign that if Obama was a real leader, he would have never stepped foot on the island.

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