Ha! The Craziest Lies That Got EXPOSED

craziest lies

Let’s face it – we all lie. But what happens when you’ve got a secret that’s too big to contain? These seven people share stories about the biggest lie they’ve ever seen unravel.

1. My sister is very absolute in her hatred of cigarettes, so when she started dating former smoker, she made it very clear that if he started smoking again he’d have to choose between her and the cigarettes.

Well, three of four years later, after they were living together and engaged, she discovered some cigarettes in his car. She was pretty pissed, figuring he’d smoked a few while out at the bars with his friends. They got into a big fight about it and then he somehow lets it slip that he’d been smoking without her knowledge for years.

Whenever an errand needed to be run, he’d go… just so he could smoke. He’d carry mouth wash and a spare shirt so she wouldn’t notice the smell. She seriously thought he was just the cleanest, most helpful guy ever

2. My friend made his parents believe he was colorblind up until he was 13. He used it as an excuse for his bad grades, and used it to try and get sympathy. I was with him and his family when we were driving to a mall and he said: “woah look and that poo-colored car!” His whole life pretty much went downhill after that, his parents lost all respect for him. They stopped buying him all this nice things, and they were a wealthy family too. It bit him pretty good.

3. My coworker had been attending graduate school and my work threw him a party shortly after his graduation. He shows up to the party with his diploma – which of course is a huge red flag to everyone there (my company was full of alumni that attended the same school, and knew that you wouldn’t receive a diploma for at least several weeks/months after graduation).

One of the HR ladies called up admissions to the school to verify that he was previously registered there. He was not, and was never a student. He was confronted about this and pretty much had a melt down, telling her he had issues “at home” and was currently trying to deal with them through the employee assistance program at the company. So the HR lady calls up the EAP to verify he was a client – at that very minute the guy runs into the EAP office and has another melt down. He was immediately escorted off the premises, never to return.

To put this in perspective, his employer had adjusted his work schedule for 2 years so that he could attend classes. The company he worked for is a well known engineering firm, and he worked on a government contract that required a high level of security clearance. Also, the company had an educational reimbursement program that allowed (during his time-frame) an allowance of around $10k tax free to the employee for schooling expenses, I am hazy as to if he was enrolled in this program or not. Being fired for pretty much embezzlement and lying to your employer is not a good thing.

4. My brother got accepted into an Ivy League school, dropped out after having a mental break down, and later enlisted in the Marines. We found out the truth while he was in basic training. My brother was always an overachiever in high school, but he was under an enormous amount of pressure from my parents. I’m surprised that he didn’t crack sooner. My parents have pretty much disowned him now. They’re really pissed off that they now have two failures for sons! I did poorly in high school, had a difficult time focusing due to a learning disability, but I managed to get into a good university. I ain’t even mad at my brother for lying.

5. My cousin did not graduate college, which came as a huge shock. The university even let her walk across the stage without getting a diploma. Her parents watched her “graduate”. We didn’t find out until this year (she is now in her 30’s so almost 10 years of lying). Not too sure how, but it involved something like her wanting money to go to nursing school and getting it from my Grandmother.

6. My sister went to Atlanta to go to college. My parents mortgaged their house to pay for it. Rented her an apartment in Atlanta, got her enrolled in school, buy her a cheap car, and off she goes. About a year and a half later, after bumming money for “school expenses” for the last 18 months, the parental units get curious and go to visit her at school. Up until this point, she always had an excuse for them not to visit, too busy studying, tests, etc….

Only to find several unknown people living in her apartment. One of them tells my parents where to find my sister. She works at a club. She told my parents that she had gotten a part-time job as a waitress a few months before.

Well as it turns out, she was a dancer. My parents got to see part of her show when they went to find her at her “waitress” job. After all is said and done, she had gone to school for about 1 month, got bored with it and dropped out. She got a bunch of “roommates” to help her party away my parents money. Somehow, my sis had gotten the school to change the address on all the paperwork to her apartment address. So my parents never got the several notifications from the school about her dropping classes. Of course, the school kept the tuition money.

7. One time, mom asked me to vacuum the house. I didn’t want to, so I just rolled the vacuum cleaner all over the carpet to make the little lines. After I did this, I realized that if I would have just turned the vacuum cleaner on, it would have been the same amount of work.
I was not a bright child.

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