The media wishes to claim all the rights granted in the constitution of the United States without accepting any of the responsibilities. The left has weaponized the vast majority of the media into disinformation/indoctrination outlets used to promote their extremist socialist ideology.

The Constitution does give some protection, but it does not protect them from their evil deeds. They have been given extra protection from the courts, that has been used to cover some of their acts. However, they need to be on the same level as you and me when it comes to the truth.

Our courts should hold these “information” outlets liable for every law they break!

Free Market Under Attack

To the best of my knowledge, AT&T owns CNN, Verizon owns Yahoo News and Huffington Post, and Amazon owns The Washington Post.

No company does something without the parent company’s blessing. So these parent companies are intentionally attacking free-market capitalism and supporting the Democrat party. It is because, with high taxes and high government regulation, no one else can start a business and compete against them.

AT&T may be willing to sacrifice CNN if it means preventing someone else from starting a company that could add to the competition.

CNN is likely to be hit with a massive lawsuit worth more than $250 million over alleged “vicious” and “direct attacks” on Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, his lawyer has told Fox News.

“CNN was probably more vicious in its direct attacks on Nicholas than The Washington Post. And CNN goes into millions of individuals’ homes,” Wood told Fox News host and best-selling author Mark Levin.

“They really went after Nicholas with the idea that he was part of a mob that was attacking the Black Hebrew Israelites, yelling racist slurs at the Black Hebrew Israelites. Totally false.

“Now you say you’ve seen the tape; if you took the time to look at the full context of what happened that day, Nicholas Sandmann did absolutely nothing wrong. He was, as I’ve said to others, he was the only adult in the room. But you have a situation where CNN couldn’t resist the idea that here’s a guy with a young boy, that Make America Great Again cap on. So they go after him.” [excerpt via Fox News]

I say don’t limit it to just CNN — go after MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC as well as individual lawsuits aimed at Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Rachel Maddow, “Morning” Joe, Bill Maher, and the rest of the talking heads in the Drive-By Media!

I hope the Covington student wins and wins big. I have said for years places like the media, and college’s should be held liable because of the hate they spew and the propaganda they use against the young.

I wonder how many kids especially have committed suicide because of climate change or other conspiracies these so-called businesses and higher education spin every day? Would manslaughter charges be a dream because they caused some kid to commit suicide?

Make ’em all pay enough to “feel the pain”!

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