Coulter Explains E-Mail Scandal: Hillary Is Just Really Dumb

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter appeared on Fox’s Justice with Judge Jeanine, this past weekend, and gave a rather unique analysis of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.

“I think Hillary’s just really dumb,” Coulter explained.

While Judge Jeanine Pirro disagreed with Coulter on the matter, she wasn’t about to let up.

Coulter explained that using private e-mails might be something you’d see from an inexperienced individual coming from a private sector job, but certainly not from a former First Lady, Secretary of State, and future presidential candidate.

She added that “Bill Clinton never would have done” something so stupid.

Via Chicks on the Right:

The clip shows their discussion about Hillionaire’s email scandal. Ann Coulter proposed a new theory.

“I have a new theory on this, and that is one we’ve never occurred to — or thought of because it just seems like it’s so corrupt and, you know, Evita Perón. I think Hillary’s just really dumb.”

Pirro disagreed, but Coulter pressed on.

“I think Hillary’s just really dumb. They — we always thought Bill Clinton was the smart one. As you went through in your opening, I mean, the Whitewater files, the Vince Foster files, the cattle futures. This is the sort of thing [Clinton’s e-mail scandal] someone from a private sector who’s just been appointed to an ambassadorship might do,” she said. “She had been First Lady, she was Secretary of State, we know she’s planning on running for president and it doesn’t occur to her that this is going to look bad.”

Take a look at the exchange…

Coulter may be stating something that opposition to the left would really like to believe, but is she right? Is Hillary – or even others in the White House – simply stupid, or are they just brazenly corrupt?

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • I agree with IPOC. Obama is setting us up for a massive crisis and he will declare martial law, unleash the gates of hell on us, dissolve Congress and declare himself dictator. Hillary?? She is just a diversion. I am not sure she and Bill are stupid but they have very little common sense. A person can be very smart but not be able to see beyond the immediate gratification. Poor impulse control?? Obama's handlers have already figured this all out. Wish I were wrong but I think I am, sadly, correct.

  • Can you imagine having this hag as president after Obama? In reality I believe Obama will not leave office.He is going to create a mass chaotic event so he can initiate Martial Law and stay in power.He already has most of it set up.ISIS etc already all over the states.Armed and trained agencies that will obey his every command.Plus a bunch of illegals that he will arm to cause more chaos.I know this sounds far fetched but it will happen.The United States is the "Great Babylon" spoken of in God's Word.America will collapse totally within 2 years.Prepare-Armup-Stockup-Protect your family.Be prepared! But 1st overall :Seek The Lord While He Is Near"

  • So, if that is the excuse for all the corruptness since Bill and Hillary have been in office, why will she run and why would anyone elect her as president? We already have one in the WH that is corrupt and not so smart.

  • I've decided that both Hillary and Bill are dumb. Smart like foxes in a way, but rather unintelligent. I can't even conceive of going through this one-time (as far as I know) mortal life doing some of the things these two people do. First, they are both totally uninformed about human nature, so that is why they think it is necessary to force a socialist/communist economy/political life on the American people. Just a reading of Adam Smith and only partial understanding of it should convince the average human being that human liberty is absolutely necessary to have a vibrant, rewarding life. They appear to me, to never have read Smith. They look like they are trying to make it up as they go along.

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