Cosmo Tells Women How To Vote; Says Conservative Candidates Are “Not In Our Readers’ Best Interest”

Ladies, are you ready to throw stuff at the computer screen? Good! Cosmopolitan – the magazine that usually offers women a steady stream of over-the-top tips on man-pleasing and dieting – is now telling women how to vote.

Here’s a pop quiz, which should be easy for any woman marginally familiar with Cosmo. 1) Which party are they rooting for? 2) Which three issues are most important for Cosmo girls? If your answer to 1 was “Democratic,” you’re correct. And 2 was actually a trick question, because there’s only one issue they care about: abortion. Duh.

As Erika Anderson Sylvester writes:

As a dedicated subscriber of women’s magazines from Marie Claire to Women’s Health, I’m well aware of how they cover politics – usually focusing on one primary issue: abortion.

Will Cosmo buck the trend and cover issues fairly with opinions from both sides of the aisle? No, ma’am. They’ll be thumbing their noses at anyone who dares oppose the one issue they define all women by.

Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that a magazine that regularly portrays females as sex objects has almost cartoonishly thrown women into a tiny voting box labeled “birth control and abortion.” I just didn’t realize that civil discussion of the issues would completely disappear…In an interview with Politico, Cosmo online editor Amy Odell said, “We’re not going to endorse someone who is pro-life because that’s not in our readers’ best interest.”

Since when is Cosmo concerned with women’s best interests? If that were the case, they’d stop with the freaky sex tips (which always end up sounding more like “101 ways to end up in the ER”) and “Lose 20 Pounds in 10 Days” articles. And there’s also the constant stream of articles on how a woman can change herself in a desperate bid to snag a man, which is the furthest thing possible from feminism.

Cosmo is many things, but pro-woman it isn’t. The fact that the editors are now dictating how their readers should vote is the icing on the insult cake.