According to reports, 11 million people are living in Wuhan; over the past three months, roughly 60,000 of them have caught the virus. This means your chance of infection three months in .5%.

Now the death rate is roughly 2% (3000 deaths); this means that right now, your chance of contracting the virus and dying from it is .0001% (2% of .5%). This means you have about a one in 10,000 chance of dying from this virus from the math, three months in.

And it is typically people around the age of 80 with underlying health concerns that die from it. It isn’t even as bad as the flu people; the media make money off making you afraid.


In a month or two, there will be another “big story.” This virus thing will be in the back pages, and the pathetic liberal networks will jump on the new one in another desperate attempt to “get” President Trump.

This is not to say that I don’t worry about individuals that are or might become infected:

If you do get sick while traveling, it is important to know the signs of coronavirus and seek immediate medical attention if you believe you have contracted the virus.

Symptoms of the pneumonialike illness include fever, cough and shortness of breath. It is important to note, however, that the coronavirus symptoms are common to a number of viruses.

“If you think you may have been exposed, call your health care professional immediately and tell them your travel history. Calling first is important so they can be prepared. Do not go directly to the hospital, where you may infect other people,” Dr. William Schaffner, the medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, told Fox News.


This entire coronavirus situation presents us all with a perfect opportunity to learn about the frailties of global economics. The reality is that it’s the halting of production in China as a result of the virus they created, and the global oil market war that is threatening the worldwide economic markets. The by-design Media PAC “campaign of panic” isn’t helping the situation either.

What this situation does prove is two things… to wit… One: We have been and remain far too dependent on China for our goods and services, not to mention pharmaceutical and medical supplies, thanks in significant part to the policies of President Clinton and the Democrats. Two: President Trump’s self-sustaining, energy independence, and fair trade “America First” policies – as supported by Republicans – are indeed the right course to take to mitigate and correct this dangerous position of dependency.

Make no mistake about it, the whole of Europe will be rethinking the EU, open borders, multiculturalism, and globalist concept going forward – and reconsidering the value of self-sustaining national sovereignty.


I never bought into conspiracy theories, and the the phony Russiagate hoax was a prime example of why. But we have China who hates Trump because he is not in their pocket. Then we have Biden and son fly to China on AF2, and Biden’s small hedge fund gets hundreds of millions from China over much larger firms.

Then this virus erupts in the year of the election, and China refuses help, kind of looks like the DNC, Media, and China conspiring to ruin the booming economy to give sleepy Joe the edge.

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