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Cops Show Up At Beyonce Show, Deliver BRUTAL Message To Police-Hating Singer!


Famous singer Beyonce’ has been controversial ever since her police-hating performance at Super Bowl 50 and her video for the song “Formation.” The men and women who serve in our local police stations keep us all safe, and they didn’t deserve such horrible treatment.

That’s why at Beyonce’ performance in her hometown of Houston, Texas, local cops from various police organizations held a massive protest next to NRG Stadium during the performance.

Their protest was respectful but they wanted to make it clear: Blue lives matter, and we must respect our police!

Some of her performances we believe to be anti-police,” said Tony Ragsdale, who is a member of the Pasadena Police Department and of the Coalition for Police and Sheriffs (C.O.P.S.).

Some members of the law enforcement community are upset over imagery used in Beyoncé’s video for the song “Formation” and in her recent super bowl performance.

The video features a New Orleans Police Department cruiser sinking in flood waters.

Members of the C.O.P.S. shined a large blue light on NRG Stadium hoping to stage a silent but visible protest.


The video for Lemonade included clips of mothers of both Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, who helped give rise to the violent “Black Lives Matter” movement. These police officers are right to protest Beyonce’s outrageous anti-cop message.


What do you think? Do you support these cops and their message?