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Cop Who Survived ISIS Attack Throws Out First Pitch – And Then THIS HAPPENED!


The Philadelphia police officer shot by an ISIS gunman in an execution attempt not only survived the onslaught of 13 bullets, but is recovering rather nicely from his injuries.

Officer Jesse Hartnett was shot in his police vehicle as he sat alone, by a masked gunman who had pledged allegaince to ISIS and told investigators he did it because he believed police defend laws that are contrary to Islam.

Frightening video of the attacker shooting Hartnett “in the name of Islam” can be seen below …

Hartnett heroically fought off the ISIS-inspired attacker by returning fire, striking him three times before he was apprehended.

Officer Jesse Hartnett told a Pennsylvania judge that his attacker fired several times through the window of his patrol car – but Hartnett used his arms to shield his head.

Earlier this week, evidence of Hartnett’s recovery were readily apparent when he threw out the first pitch at a Philadelphia Phillies game.

Capitalizing on the emotional moment, the officer had one more surprise for the crowd.

Via Philly.com (HT Weasel Zippers):

Officer Jesse Hartnett came prepared to Citizens Bank Park on Monday afternoon with a curveball up his sling.

After tossing the first pitch at the Phillies’ home opener against the San Diego Padres, Hartnett, who was ambushed and shot in January in his patrol car but managed to shoot his ISIS-supporting attacker, was joined on the field by his girlfriend, Lily Abdullina.

And then he dropped to one knee, and pulled a ring out of his sling.

For the record: She said yes.

The 34-year-old officer was shot three times at close range Jan. 7 in West Philadelphia by a man who strode up to Hartnett, who was sitting alone in his cruiser. Hartnett managed to radio for help and even chase down his fleeing attacker, using his uninjured arm to shoot the assailant in the buttocks.

Senator Pat Toomey tweeted video of the incredible moment …

The Phillies organization also took to social media and posted a picture of the happy couple …


You may recall Sheriff David Clarke took Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney to task for claiming the ISIS-inspired attack had nothing to do with Islam.

Clarke said, “As Ben Franklin said, ‘We are all born ignorant but one must work really hard to remain stupid.’ Apparently, he had Mayor Kenney in mind when he said that.”

Comment: How great is it to see officer Hartnett recovering from that harrowing ISIS shooting rampage? Show him some love in the comments section.